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Initially called Post at Funeral, the band started as a trio in September 1992: Sébastien (bass and vocals), Didier (guitars) and Stephane (drums). Post at Funeral enjoyed a new start with the arrival of Ludovic (vocals) at the beginning of 1993, who brougth more motivation. The new songs required a second guitar, In 1994, they found their actual name: APOCRYPHAL
The songs with Death, Atmospheric and Progressive influences sound were ready to be recorded. Before the last mixes, Eric joined the band and put all the keyboard parts that were useful for the pre-existing songs. In December 1995 « FROM DEPTHS », the first demo of the band was released and had a little success thanks to many good critics in magazines and also many radio diffusions.
End of 1995, Sylvain came to complete the line-up. Since then, the band seemed to be stable. During this period, the band was on stage and created new songs with more maturity and depth... Apocryphal was ready to record those new songs on CD with the length of an album. During the recording Tiphaine, Mindfield singer's, helped the band to give new songs all the powerful they needs.
In the middle of 1999 "Black Dreams..." was realesed. But APOCRYPHAL don't sleep at all, and already start the composition of his new album...

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Eric KARSENTY : Keybords
Stéphane MAURICE : Drums
Ludovic GARCIA : Vocals
Didier MAURICE : Guitar
Sylvain CHAMPENOIS : Guitar
Sébastien BAZILLE : Bass