First demo "FROM DEPTHS"
DECIBELS STORM N° 7 (Boite postale 25 , 83500 la seyne s/mer cedex)

APOCRYPHAL "FROM DEPTHS"                     (FRA/96) 6 TRACKS 30 FF

This new French band previously called POST ART FUNERAL was totally unknown from us before I received this demo which is their debut recording. This tape's got a full pro presentation with a colour cover, a photo of the band and the lyrics of the songs.... The production is unfortunately not so great as the layout but worth more than average and now let us clearly discover the music of the band. APOCRYPHAL call what they play atmospheric death and I think that it's the appropriate name. They've got a growling singer, mid tempo rhythm with nice riffs and the keyboards occupies an important space and reminds me a little bit of the work on the first album of THE GATHERING. I think that with a real serious production, this band could produce something really interesting and you should really check out this promising tape.
Frank"The freak"Arnaud
SYMPOSIUM (35 rue de Kerampont 22300 Lannion)

APOCRYPHAL: "From Depths" Démo tape

At first, maybe some fans will be surprised to see the good rate of this band, but that' like it is!!.This band has surprised me, I couldn't say you why I have so liked it, but maybe, it is because it is so brutal and the vocals so great. Maybe a new band signed on Dolphins Records if all goes well, this time or the nextone!. Great Death!!!.

A.K.O.M (All Kind Of Music, Via Pineta, 20/G 45010 Rosolina, ITALIE

APOCRYPHAL: "From Depths"

Copertina a colori! Registrazione più che buona! Questa Thrash Death band francese, riesce a creare delle atmosfere molto melodiche ma allo stesso tempo rese cavernose dalla voce del singer. Insomma sei ragazzi con stoffa da vendere, che con queste 5 songs ( di cui una strumentale) + intro riescono a penetrare nei meandri celebrali di chi le ascolta. Il tutto senza violenze sonore, con atmosfere pesanti, orecchiabili, ma allo stesso tempo ben composte!
Spiccano al mio modesto orecchio: "Stella / From Depths" e "The Offering".
Da ascoltare, senza ombra di dubbio!!!.

First album "BLACK DREAMS..."